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Disaggregate Consulting

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What We Do

This web site seems to violate one of the basic rules of marketing — combining separate businesses. Not really — here's an explanation about Disaggregate and the consulting we do.

Creating Technology Change

Why do certain innovations start revolutions in technology? What are the implications of a particular innovation? How do companies cope with revolutionary technological change when a competitor introduces one? Better yet, how can a company generate its own revolutionary changes? Disaggregate provides advice and ideas — and the occasional new invention — to bring companies to the forefront of revolutionary technological change.

Disaggregate's approach to revolutionary change is the topic of the book The Pebble and the Avalanche: How Taking Things Apart Creates Revolutions, which will be available from Berrett-Koehler in the fall of 2005.

Please contact us for further information.

Speech Technology Consulting

I got my start in high-tech by working on speech technology, the highest of the high-tech fields, and a field with terrific implications for a wide variety of businesses. Speech technology is undergoing a series of revolutionary changes, and I'm delighted to participate — and to help my clients participate as well.

Disaggregate provides expert consulting for speech technology — speech recognition, text-to-speech and biometrics. We can act as your "Senior System Architect" for speech.

Disaggregate also provides education about speech technology for both technical staff and managers.

Downloads, Demos, Publications, Open Source

The technology section of this web site contains demonstrations and archives of talks and presentations. The technology section also has files to download, in particular all files described in magazine articles. An open-source project provides a complete demonstration of how to use VoiceXML (VXML) and Call Control XML (CCXML) to implement a voice-controlled conference call system.

You might also want to read my blog, which has technical tidbits on a wide range of topics.

Our current demonstration, which you can (usually) test online, shows how to combine instant messaging with speech technology to provide a highly-improved user interface, a so-called "multimodal" interace. The source code for this instant-messaging/multimodal demo, based on VoiceXML and Python, can be downloaded here.