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Summary for Moshe Yudkowsky, Ph.D.

Experienced Speaker and Writer

  • I'm an excellent public speaker. My talks focus on how to understand technology problems, find creative solutions, and apply them in practice. I'm often assigned the most difficult time slots (e.g., after lunch) precisely because I can keep an audience awake and engaged.
    • Reference: Jim Larson, SpeechTek Conference. Jim often brainstorms conference ideas with me. He can be contacted at +1 503 645 3598, jim@larson-tech.com
    • Reference: Brian West, Cluecon. I'll be giving the keynote speech this year; "Wake them up, Moshe." Brian is at +1 918 424 9378, brian.west@mac.com.
    • Reference: Surj Patel, O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference. Surj heard me give an impromptu talk and drafted me to help organize and speak at Etel. +1 617 642 2908, surj.patel@gmail.com.
  • I'm a published author. My general business book, The Pebble and the Avalanche, explains why certain innovations cause revolutions in business and technology. At present I have a regular column in SpeechTek Magazine.
  • I blog, of course. My most regular blog is at my book's web site, although I've also blogged for O'Reilly as well as a few other places.

Technology Credentials

The products I create simply won't work if they're too complicated or confusing — within my own focus of expertise I've learned how to make products simple and easy to use. My background in experimental physics, as well as my experience as a homeowner, high-tech gadget owner, and automobile owner gives me experience with fixing all manner of interesting things as well as contending with the ones that are impossible to understand.

Aside from my Ph.D. in Physics, I've worked in perhaps the highest of high-technology industries for nearly twenty years: speech technologies, including speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice biometrics.

I'm the author of four patents (if you put me in "free-running mode," I'll come up with one patentable idea per day). I'm the founder of the Midwest Speech Technology Association. I have friends and contacts in all the nooks and crannies of science and technology.

Hobbies and Passions

I read science fiction; I attend science fiction conventions from time to time — the literary conventions, not the media (e.g., Star Trek) ones. I read history, specializing in military history.

I play music: guitar, tin whistle, and some other instruments. I enjoy Irish, English, and Scottish music as well as early American. On Tuesday nights I generally play with a group of other musicians at a session at a local pub.

I swim three times a week and bicycle three times a week.

Photographs and Videos

Here's a publicity photo of me in a suit and tie. I generally wear these clothes when I give talks in order to take advantage of cultural archetypes.
Photo missing: Moshe Yudkowsky

Here's a more casual photograph, the one that appeared inside my book in the "About the Author" section.
Photo missing: Yehuda Channah Moshe
Top Row: Yehuda, Moshe, Channah. Bottom row: Dreamer, Shorty, Comet.

Here's a YouTube video blog by Dan York of Disruptive Telephony. I'm explaining an invention of mine to a specific technical audience, but I believe that you'll find the basic ideas comprehensible. I'm wearing a suit and a tie but not the bowler hat that often goes with that outfit.