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Innovation Consulting from Disaggregate

Innovation — How We Help

Disaggregate helps you understand innovations, create new ideas, and apply them to your business and technology.

Dr. Yudkowsky brings twenty years of experience in high-technology industries to solving challenges in business and technology. His approach, as documented in his book on the topic, provides a common set of proven benefits: creativity, cost reduction, synergy, and more.

The Theory of Innovation

Here's a few questions about innovations:

Historical data and case studies show that some of the most important innovations share a common theme: they "take things apart," i.e., they break existing connections to provide powerful and more flexible pieces that fuel enormous creativity. The basic theory we use is captured in Dr. Yudkowsky's book; for examples and more information, see this introduction.

Dr. Yudkowsky's blog on innovation provides insight into current issues in business and technology.

Workshop, Talks, Articles

Please contact us if you would like a workshop, a talk, or an article about revolutionary innovation in your industry.